Why Do I Blog?

Nurse icon (Photo credit: confidentvoices)

Nurse icon (Photo credit: confidentvoices)
Nurse icon (Photo credit: confidentvoices)

When I first thought about blogging, I wondered about what I wanted to blog about. I knew I had something to say, but how do I get my message across? So many topics came to mind yet, it always drew me back to two areas – my nursing profession here in America and my Filipino culture. Then, I wondered again, and again……. How do I make this two work together?

I just started writing.

My first blog entry described the Filipino phrase “Bahala Na” and how it relates to my nursing profession here in the USA. Then came following blog entries about memorable nursing experiences, insights and philosophy. I also try to make it a point to include a Tagalog (my native language) word or phrase to tie in the content of  my blog. Why do I do that? I am not sure why. But, when I opened my email today and read a message from +Nursing Degree.org that my blog made +Top 50 Nursing Blog, it all came to light.

Never in my mind could I have ever imagined that I could get this recognition. It is with great honor to be a part of this group. This gives me more inspiration to continue blogging about my nursing experiences and  my Filipino culture. It clearly shows that the nursing profession, no matter where you are, can bring nurses and cultures together, making it a strong, diverse, and respectable profession.

Thank you to all the editors and readers who took time out to read my blog entries. To the Google communities I belong to, for letting me join in your discussion and post a link to my blog. To FilipinoNurses.org and DefinitelyFilipino.org, for posting my articles, giving me a chance to be read by many of your followers. May our minds and hearts continue to support each other through blogging. 

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