Why Nursing, Anna?

This Video Blog (Vlog) was made by my daughter a few days ago and posted on Youtube and has now gone viral on the internet especially the nursing community.

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  • anonymous

    What’s wrong if you’re mistaken being a Nanny? FYI people nowadays are not stupid. (Nana with backpack?)ay sows!

    • GV RN

      If you really watched the video, she said something about being mistaken as a nanny BEFORE, during her first year. I think nursing students, in general, can relate to that. If you’re neither an SN nor an RN, stop commenting.

      • Jan Isaiah Garcia

        Yes I agree with you GV RN. Way back in college, I was telling my classmates to remove our ID’s when we’re inside a mall because we’re really too loud when we’re together(barkada times, common to all of us) haha And suddenly, I was shocked when my girl classmate told me, ” nooooo! we’re gonna look like nannies when we do that” and I said how come? And she removed her ID and saw it. Hahaha yes it is ! It’s really fun reminiscing the moments when we’re still in a nursing school πŸ™‚ To anonymous, I guess you’re not s nurse that’s why you talk like that. Watch Anna’s video post first before saying any single word. πŸ™‚

        • nan

          i can totally relate to the yaya thing…way back in college we were in a mall and we removed our id and while one of my classmate was choosing something a mid 30’s lady wearing a colorful scrubs approached her and asked as what agency she is from..she was mistaken as a yaya working in a high profile family because she was wearing pure white uniform…

  • Maria Santos

    I had Gullian Barre Syndrome when I was a child. I haven’t met another person whose had my condition, but I would like to met someone, just to relate. I’m also a nurse now and I luv every moment of it, except for the paperwork πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing! ;D

    • yannie

      me too! i LovE beINg a NurSE bUt hatED too much THe paPEr WOrks!!!

  • meinard cruz

    When i was assigned in ospital ng maynila where many patients are indigents, at delivery room, nurses will shout at patients walking herself to the delivery room ” mrs naka panty ka pa! Manganganak ka na nakapanty ka ?!”. The poor patient with aching tummy will stand by the corner and removes her panty. πŸ™
    There also this team of doctors who keeps on scraping (d&c) the uterus of a patient who just given birth looking for a hard mass they felt prior to birthing. The patient is already shouting in pain due to the long scraping when a doctor said who decided to check the placenta “tigil na yan! Eto pala yung hinahanap natin e!” geeezz!!! Or how about staring at the bottles of fetuses in PGH? Oooooohhhh! πŸ™‚

    • Jan Isaiah Garcia

      Oh god! I got the same experience like yours during my clinicals in Ospital ng Maynila. How bout In Fabella?? Some of the doctors there are so mean. Like they’re talking to patients “MISIS BUMUKAKA KA NA! ANO BA? MANGANGANAK KA BA O IIPITIN MO ANAK MO AT PAPATAYIN MO.” and some are like ” ANO BA MISIS, PANG LIMA MO NA, BAKIT FEELING MO VIRGIN KA PA SA PANGANGANAK? INAANTOK PA KO DALI!!” I mean, holy shit! they’re not even therapeutic! And in Osma some doctors are saying “O MISIS, AYAN VIRGIN KA NA ULIT! TINAHI KO NA PE*P** MO! ” I was sad that in reality, damn, doctors and nurses are unethical and causing emotional damage to their patients πŸ™ I promise to myself, I’ll be a good nurse to my patients.

      • theng

        bad doctors & nurses..:(

      • rena

        i totally agree with you.. Dapat respetuhin natin talaga mga pasyente kc tao cla. And if ever like ung pasyente ung abusado, tayo na lng ang umintindi kc tau ang mas nakakaintidi though galit na tau nun..

      • Joy Hayes

        I delivered 2 babies here in the U.S and never heard of such a thing. Only in the Philippines!!! soooo unethical doctors and nurses to speak to their patients that way.

    • Not nice. Nurses are supposed to be professionals and they should act one. I hope those who acted such like that one particular nurse should review the code of ethics for nurses. Patients indigents or rich must be treated with respects and maintain their dignity. Privacy of Patients should be maintained at all cost. Hindi pwede yang attitude na yan dito sa USA.

      • escuchami

        Those kind of moronics doctors and nurses exist everywhere. I am living in the US. One time I went with my friend for her prenatal. When the doctor inserted the vaginal speculum she screamed so hard that made the doctor angry. He said ” why are you acreaming? I am sure that your husband’s penis is bigger than this!!!” I was so mad hearing it so I told my friend to report the doctor. Perhaps the doctor realized that he was in trouble so he told my friend that he would just waive her co payments. I also encountered rude doctors in the ER room! Sad to say that they are everywhere

    • anonymously

      Ospital ng Maynila, is the so called Ospital ng Punerarya, that was at least the rumors I heard about this hospital, that scenario doesnt only happened in the er. Doctors there are very rude and doesnt know how to practice empathy, they are like the gods if that hell pit. Having a lOve one died in the hands of rude and mean doctor is unforgettable and unforgivable. It is painful to see them being mock by the said lords of this hospital. Never send someone you love in this hospital as much as you can. No wonder the doctors there has never been recognized as doctors with hearts. It is indeed a shame to have this kind of doctors.

  • Maria Santos

    I meant, “I would like to meet someone, just to relate” ;D

  • Pennywise Hadjail

    Why nsg?? Coz I save lives. .

    • yannie


  • Maricon M. Somera


  • Joanne Andrade

    ahahahhaha..nice i like it!!!

  • Jul Karen Bandivas

    hehe,,,and the moment you’ll be in nursing, tanggal yang manicure mo, teh!

  • Mark Fury

    cute nman nya.. πŸ™‚

  • Dox Abraham

    fun to watch…it made me travel down memory lane, during my college days..hahaha nice 1 anna…keep it up!!!

  • Richell Paccial

    sobrang saya kaya maging nurse… hahaha, the folks can’t decide whether to call u miss, ma’am, nurse, eto pa, lahat nang ta-o tinatawg na DOC. sobrang lito sila… hahaha

  • Hans Christian Saludares Rn

    btw r u a reg nurse already??,,,i love this vid…

  • Ramz Corpuz Gorospe

    well explained my dear..thanx for sharing..God bless!

  • Richell Paccial

    one really unforgettable experience I had is when i was having my duty in a special care unit. That time I was in training and nasa 3-4 mos palang ang experience ko.. one patient of mine was a 49 y.o. male who had just had stoke.. I’ve been taking care of him for one shift/day na, when on the next day he suddenly regained consciousness, one of his care taker was his daughter, they were really excited that the patient regained consciousness and didn’t know what to do, given that I told them to call me if they need anything, they rushed to me at the station to tell me the good news. I went to the patient’s bedside and tried to do neuro assessment. I was asking the patient about something when he suddenly, raised his hand, so forcefully, and it hit my head… could u guess what happened? I’m not a fainter so I didn’t faint, (asa pa kayo! haha) but my God I really felt my brain hit both sides of my skull! at ang mundo, biglang bumilis ang pag-inog! Maybe, out of decency, The folks tried so hard not to laugh, and I did really see them struggle… Wala akong magawa, tumawa na lang ako.. that’s when they started to let go of their mirth. hanggang bumalik ako sa station, talagang I still felt my world rotationg and revolving…

  • Red Destura

    This rocks! I love nursing n_n

  • Emerson Cubol Cayao


  • Lanie Lor

    i soooooooo luv it! very true indeed:)

  • Lanie Lor

    i soooooooo luv it! very true indeed:)

  • Rane Sipi-an

    nice… πŸ™‚

  • Rane Sipi-an

    nice… πŸ™‚

  • Charolyn Garcia

    nice blog dear:)

  • Charolyn Garcia

    nice blog dear:)

  • Iya Ancheta

    great job girl! hahaha

  • Iya Ancheta

    great job girl! hahaha

  • Noemi Legaspi

    duty time lots of fun fun fun πŸ™‚

  • Ja Jam

    i really love her wit… check her other videos on youtube… πŸ™‚

  • Divina Grace Peralta

    love it…. but nail polished in not allowed sa hospital my dear….uhummmn…

  • Gilbert Rabuco

    very interesting nursing video. the Chinese reference made you look prejudice and if that is the message you are trying to convey, you certainly did a good job.

  • lonlon

    maganda takutin yung mga nurse na night shift at masarap din sila ka kwentuhan kaso ung iba suplada talaga eh

    • kiel


  • Nice blog… Saludo ako sa mga filipino nurse san mang panig ng mundo maalaga at masarap magmahal.

  • christina

    Well, in my opinion… Being a nurse really takes a lot of effort most especially because you have to take care of somebody not? related to you. Even though I am not a nursing student, I know that it is very rewarding to receive gratitude from the family or the patient himself/herself. One thing that I wanna ask our nursing graduates is to please stay and work in our country instead of going abroad. I know it is hard to find a job here but our country needs you. That’s all. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • gwa7

    I was a registered nurse in the Philippines, as of the moment I am not. My licsence got expired couple of months ago. Currently, I am working overseas, as a sales consultant though. I practiced nursing in the Philippines for 3 years, however the unjust salary forced me to gave it up. I am now earning estimately 10x more, I can buy the things that I want, but am I satisfied?
    I miss nursing, my vocation. Money is important, but it cannot buy happiness. However, happiness
    cannot feed me and my family. I just hope that our gov’t would ammend or revise the currrent laws that we have now, so that other Filipino nurses’ wouldn’t commit the same mistake I did.

  • markev0

    Memorable experience

    Meron kameng CI na siya talga pinaka terror sa lahat.. Takot na takot sa kanya lahat especially girls.. Lage kasi silang pinagiinitan.. Luckily, lalake ako.. Now you know kung bakit sila pinagiinitan.. Lol moving on..we had our first duty sa er unit nun. At malas naman siya pa ci.. One if the reasons kung bakit malas is that, ang relo nya ay advance ng 15 mins sa relo ng ospital, ay hindi sa buong pilipinas pala.. Iba ata timezone ni SIR.. Haha eh sa school namen, you need to have a makeup duty for the late which is 3:1 ang ratio. So hustle talga.. Pangalawa mahal po ang bayad sa makeup 500 a day.. So pag late ka ng isang minuto 1500 na po yun.. And isa pang dahilan kung bakit ubod ng malas is becoz ang bahay nya ay katabe lang ng ospital.. Haha luckily sa buong week na yun.. Wala akong late dahil di nako natutulog haha..

    Pero what we expect na di masayang duty turned out to be fun and memoranle.. Bigla nalang naging mabaet si sir na parang ibang tao.. Bottomline was .. Friday night after ng duty namen, nirushed siya sa ospita coz hes suffering severe pneumonia pala. The funny things was ang case study nameng pinresent sa kanya ay pneumonia din.. Ayun and the. Acter a few weeks, pumanaw si sir.. Kaya pala ganun siya kabaet same. Kasi yun na pala mga huling days nya.. πŸ™

    Sir kung nasaan ka man.. Thankyou po sa lahat and may you rest in peace..

  • Kitteh

    Wait till you really work as an RN and then you’ll understand why the nurses are masungit. You can have one patient for a week in neverneverland.

  • gie

    girl, you should be a VJ…much much better than those MTV and MYX..seriously….

  • Bing of Cali

    Im a fil fr Modesto, Ca. Gurl here in the US nurses do everything from wiping poops to catching flying phlegm. We have to fight with vietnamese doctors who cld hardly speak english but cld cuss u coz we dnt understand d heck of wat hes saying.

  • kiel

    yung pkiramdam na sa tingin mo mas matalino kmpa sa resident doctor dahilo mas or alam mo tlga kung ano ang dapat n diagnosis sa pt mo,or kung hndi nmn alam mo kung sino o kung ano ang dapat n iprioritize mo sa mga patients mo,n kung minsan nmn na-iimbryna k dhil bglang mgpapalusot ang resident doctor sau infront of the staff,tapos ang staff ay mgtathumbs up pa dahil akala nila tama ang palusot ng resident doctor nila pero pag anyan ang clinical instructor mo ipagtatangol ka dahil kahit bali baliktarin mn ang mundo SUPER TAMA k namn,,!!!hhahhaha

    second,ung n nsa isang sitwasyon k n pinahiya k ng isang staff sa loob ng ward not knowing ur clinical instructor is around tapos kahit na may mali k ipagtatangol k rin ng mahadera mong CI,,hahhaa

    third, yung feeeling n andami mo na ngang nagawang kapalpakan sa loob ng 8hr duty mo ay may isang taong pasasalamatan ka sa kbila ng lahat,dahil ikaw ang kanyang student nurse na laging andyan para sa kanya.

    ayoko sa nursing pero parang pakiramdam ko maraming nangangailangan ng tulong ko,,

  • Lance

    im a nursing grad too,but ended up workin in hotel..not really a bad idea specially nowadays ang dmi ko p din kbatch mate n wlang work..and ang salary stin wlang awa!!it has been almost 4 years now when i went overseas,enjoying better paying job & traveling but still..my heart and soul belongs to nursing or medical field,and im very very proud to say that,even my colleagues now or guest are askin,WHY??well..i got the edge noh,everybody can work in the hotel,but not all can work bein a nurse!tska ibang iba ang passion and patience,wherein now i can make use of it too..even im in hospitality industry not in the hospital,lol..but its quite hard to explain too during the midst of searchin for jobs/interviews..there then they would realize na mas personalize ang pagtake care ko sa guest,like the way i used to take care of my patients before.. :*{ kakalungkot lng tlga..hopefully one day i can go back to the career that my heart truly desire to do.u gave me the chance to reminisce all those moments during i was studying..i love ur vid,makes me laugh and remember everythin,thank u and salute to all nurses!God bless :*}

  • cai

    why nursing? coz nothing compares to the satisfying feeling of being God’s instrument in saving lives. <3

  • Kevin Aldrinzx Soriano

    tama, dapat walang regrets sa pagiging nurse.. binigay stn to kaya talagang para sa atin.. Thumbs up for us Nurses.. =) ang sarap kaya maging nurse.. gusto ko mental nurse.. =)

  • ghlenn

    gud day to you miss anna…sana nag mascom k nlng no ? mukang ok k dun…pero nanjan kn la kn magawa TOXIC tlg yan…

  • pero tama cla miss anna… maganda ka nga,i like you… kaya mo yan…

  • Lei

    nursing grad din ako nakapagwork na ko before pero hindi sa hospital… nagtry ako magvolunteer sa hospital dito ako nagka-experience na hindi ko malilimutan…

    may isang matandang pt nasa 70-80yrs old na ata tapos marami syang gamot na kelangan inumin 8am ng umaga, ang ganda pa ng bati ko sa kanya tapos explain ako kung ano mga meds nya, nung ibibigay ko na yung gamot
    pt: “tingin mo ba maiinom ko yan kumuha ka ng saging”
    ako: (kumuha ng saging, naghanap ng kutsara sa table) “mam nasaan po ang kutsara nyo”
    pt: “sa tingin mo ba dyan ko ilalagay yan, syempre nasa ref yon, common sense” (ano REF daw yan na ba ang makabagong lagayan ng mga plato, baso, kutsara, at tinidor)
    ako: (kinuha ang kutsara sa REF, inilagay ang gamot at pinutol ang saging – yung pabilog ang shape) “eto na po mam”
    pt: “sa tingin mo ba malulunok ko yan hatiin mo sa gitna”
    ako: (syempre masunurin hinati sa gitna, pagkatapos ibigay lahat ng meds nagpaalam na ako tapos biglang pumasok yung staff nurse)
    staff nurse: (hindi naisara ang pinto, nasa labas ng pinto ang basurahan ng room na yon)
    pt: “isarado mo nga ang pinto ang baho baho ng basurahan”
    staff nurse: “sorry po, mam nasaan po ang kasama nyo? babalik pa po ba sya”
    pt: “common sense, andito pa ako syempre babalik yon”
    staff nurse: (di na nakareact)

    haay pagkatapos non ang word of the day namin ay and walang kamatayang COMMON SENSE…

    • nice!hindi poh kya nana un ni vice ganda ang patient mo,,jeje..u make me laugh,,

  • mikey

    Being a nurse is not everybody’s dream job, but you wont regret it should you choose to be one

  • Hi Rina,

    You sounds very smart but a little of a chatter box. You know when you’re working as a Registered Nurse, less talk, more work done especially if the work load is huge.

    Thanks for sharing, it made me remember my College days while listening to your testimony….

    Wish you have a succesful career in Nursing. And yes, you’re very fluent in English. Keep up the great job….Leila

  • Donna Prima-Negrito

    Hay Anna, so true in your line that nurses are the most flexible people in the world and nobody can shock us bcoz we are nurses! Btw, I’m nursing in London, and not to exaggerate 85% of the workforce are overseas-trained, Chinese, Indians, Africans, black caribean, Australians,Canadians, USRNs(yes they’re here too) , all sorts of Europeans et al! Yes we all met here! One thing different, doctors here are just very polite and respect nurses a lot, u may call them their first name, they will tell you the plan and u will feel that it’s more easier and fun to work. I hope we can change that nurse-doctor relationship in Phils. But I think it has been institutionalised, our culture indeed! Pinoy nurses must be more assertive bcoz we are in-charge! Good luck to your nursing career young lady!

  • bernard

    Nice presentation miss beautiful…let me share to you an experienced encountered here in Mid East…We had a patient,who is about to suffer a respiratory arrest,on call doctor was called right away,prior to that we did our independent nursing function..as soon as he arrived,, administer ventolin neb.1:3,while we are fixing iv lines..but still 02 sat.is dropping and condition deteriorating.(this where the problem arises)Doctor said..prepare atropine(ATS04)but another nurse on the team prepare atrovent for a nebulizer..it’s good i saw it before it will be given IV.. Here in Mid East..Arab don’t pronounced well..like panadol..They call it BANADOL..same as atropine..it was heard as ATROVEN..He was transferred to ICU..but i heard he was not able to make it..Careful for simple things like that..

  • SID

    Totally agree with what you said. Nursing is really hard but after a day of hard work in the ward, one of the priceless moments I while forever cherish are the smiling faces of my patient and their significant others saying thank you for everything that you did. As simple as turning the client every 2 hours or collecting his/her hourly urine output already mean a lot to them.
    You inspired me to become better and more passionate. So keep inspiring! God bless!

  • cynette

    thanks for the blog! it’s fantastic! it brought my memories back from nursing school and nursing profession. i am proud to be one and will always be. cheers! πŸ™‚

  • Chai

    haha ang cute! btw.. pwede ka maging C.I. or lecturer if you really love talking :))

  • Donna Negrito

    Nurses should never go around shopping with their uniforms on, for infection control purpose per se!

  • Male RN

    Kudos for Anna!This is such a nice video for student nurses and also RN’s to reminisce the “nursing school days”.Oh well, there is one thing I can share to you. As a nurse I don’t really practice puncturing the IVF’s of my patients so that they would just look neat or easy to see the exact level of the IV themselves. Its not even a protocol or a procedure even but alot of our colleagues are doing it. We even check the expiry date of the IV, press it hard to know if it is leaking or check it it it is discolored, but still some nurses puncture them while they are still being administered. Whats the use of doing the above steps pa?(if they are doing it)They are even risking the patient for an infection! There was one time when my younger sister was admitted to this rural hospital and the admitting nurse punctured the IV, I asked her why she did that and I covered the puncture site with medical tape. But, she did not answer me.The worst this is, ipinagtanggol pa yung admitting nurse ng doktor.tsk!hahahaha

  • eunju

    staff na ko then the relative of a post cs patient ask me “nurse pwede ba po sya pumikit/matulog?”
    ang sabi ko sa sarili ko duh? niloloko ba ko nun? haha

  • I can relate the situation… Thnks for sharing.

  • Mark

    This is one blog that surely will be an inspiration to future nurses and for registered nurses like me who can say “been there done that” but really Anna you rock! galeeng!

  • Hooray! the one who wrote is a cool guy..!

  • Dianne

    Thanks for sharing your experience as a student nurse and the tips and info, Anna! I know that as I move through the nursing program, I’ll definitely get a different perspective about nursing and the many traits a great nurse should possess in order to be successful in his/her nursing career. I hope in the next 21 months, I can say that I’ve made it and have survived all the bs :))

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