Writing Your RN Resume

Resume (Photo credit: dailywritingtips)
Resume (Photo credit: dailywritingtips)
Resume (Photo credit: dailywritingtips)
Resume (Photo credit: dailywritingtips)

As you finish your RN education, the next step that you need to do is to prepare your resume. This is necessary for you to be able to find a nursing job. Since you have just recently graduated from your BSN degree, it is the first thing that most employers will look for. This is the time if they will consider you or not for the post based on the resume that you have prepared. Preparing your resume is not really rocket science, what you need is a careful plan on what to put on it as well as the meticulousness of preparing it. It is more about having an error-free resume than an over-the top one.

Truth and Honesty

This may seem an out of context requirement for an RN resume but this is the first thing that you need to consider when making your resume. You need to make sure that all the facts that are in your resume are the truth, no padding or exaggeration. Remember that if you are able to get away with it for the first time, it will still haunt you in the end. So, make sure that all the information in your resume can be verified.


Since you do not have enough experience yet to show-off, making sure that your resume appears well-prepared and neat is a must. Employers would see that you can be relied upon when it comes to making neat reports or writings. They will also see if you develop a logical mind because a part of the well-prepared resume is how well you itemize the different items like your education, trainings and seminars attended.


Aside from the different seminars and classes you have attended, it might also be advantageous if you list down your strengths outside of nursing. This can give a hint to the employer of how well-rounded is your character. They might see this as a positive trait because there might come a time in the future that you will need to handle other tasks that may not be related to nursing if the needs arise.

Remember that when you are writing your resume, it is like marketing yourself to your prospective employers. This is a must in order for you to fulfill your goal of having a nursing career. Marketing your nursing skills should have a balance that will show off your strengths as well as your accomplishments.

As a BS degree in Respiratory Therapy graduate or ASN basics graduate, you need to prepare an excellent nursing resume in order for employers to find you and hire you.

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