Your dream needs you!

 Before anything else, I’d like to greet everyone a happy new year! May everyone be blessed with good health and a prosperous year ahead of us. Time sure flies fast. Today marks another start of the year, giving us new hope, new dreams, new aspirations.


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“The day you stop dreaming is the day you stop living.”

All of us have dreams. Dreams not only for ourselves but for those we care about. It may be a material thing you’ve been wanting to have for quite some time, or a job you’ve been preparing for, an out-of-town travel with someone special, or anything that you have been wishing with all your heart. Whatever it is, we know and will do just about anything to get it.

Write what you want to see. Writing it makes it more of a motivation. Writing your dreams changes the way you look at it. Because each time you read what you have written, a certain desire is fueled up inside you. A certain driving force pushes you to the dreams you’ve written.

It would be like those thoughts written on paper are what makes you more determined to reach it.  There’s no one but you who can make these things happen. Have your very own dream list. Write the vision you see in the future. Write what you would like to become, what you would like to happen, what you would like to achieve.  Put up pictures. Draw it. It doesn’t matter what you do, just as long you write it.

But sometimes, not all you want falls in your lap the same moment you asked for it. Sometimes, it takes years to get what you want, to achieve what you want to become.There are times when the world may go against you and your dreams. You just can’t have the best of both worlds. Even now, maybe there are things you asked for that you still haven’t got.

It’s frustrating at times, right?

What should you do?

Just continue.

Everytime you fall and your dreams seem like too far away, just bounce back. All you have to do is wait. Just wait.



‘Coz if you’d give up and not bounce back, who would make your dreams come true? There’s no one but you who could make it happen.



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